You receive free shipping on any purchase over $75.00. If your order is over $75.00, you’ll have an choice to choose a zero cost (Ground) shipping method during checkout. The camera lens used, though only a pinhole, includes a wide angle lens which means that simply facing the topic will enable you to capture within the frame. Simple to operate and suitable for both sexes, these spy glasses are perfect to face body worn surveillance.

The eyeglasses are quite lightweight and they are extremely discreet even though they are made of a framed design. The normal Spy Glasses invisible headphones unit features a inbuilt 8GB storage capacity, but currently there is an optional 32GB memory update available so there is less need to ditch video footage as frequently (pick upgrade from dropdown menu).

Natural colors, higher excellent video spy watch pictures. This is the point where the Spy Glasses Camera system scores very highly since the pinhole camera will probably always be pointed toward where the wearer is looking. Unisex eyeglasses using spy camera and recording system.

To achieve this the camera program has to be integrated into an item that is everyday. If you’d like a audio recording apparatus then please visit our Voice Recorders segment. Supplied in carry case with USB Charge/offload lead, UK mains adapter, lens material and directions. Note: this is a camera glasses along with the indicator light is in the interior side of the framework.

An overview of (maybe) the most discreet 1080p Video Camera eyeglasses on ebay. Designed to take HD movie. This device is ideal for anyone who wants a body worn surveillance solution that is perfectly designed to face video recording or Mystery Shoppers and Investigators.

Abundant and brilliant all-natural colors. This is the point where the Spy Glasses Camera system scores quite highly because the pinhole camera will probably remain pointed toward wherever the wearer is looking. Unisex glasses with recording system and spy camera.

HD 1080P Glasses Spectacles Camera SPY Hidden Cam Video Camcorder Motion Detect. If photographs have also been taken, the recording capacity may vary and battery recording times can vary due to temperature as well as the frequency of usage. The Spy Glasses Camera with built in DVR are all designed to be used to capture video footage of the subject matter.

The DVR has a 8GB internal memory built in to the arms along with the device also displays audio in combination with the HD video footage. The vision is extremely evident and easily good enough when they are close to the camera when the footage was obtained, to discover someone. No, this unit could be triggered for both snapping images and taking video.

Low light recording is achievable, although the glasses cannot record video in total darkness and with a lens that is angled the camera is able to achieve a wide view. If desired, the glass lenses are transparent without the magnification these lenses may be changed to prescription lenses by the user.

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