View on Aupair US Its gates are opened by intercontinental childhood method Aupair Social Change inside the United States

This is an important opportunity to stay a whole year virtually forfree, being a whole member of the National family, eat and review in the US, to rehearse the language and to study the way of living of the nation.

Specifications for candidates

Age 18-26 years, Female Single Advanced English Experience harmful habits’ lack health that is Good Finished secondary education make sure you have experience and a driver’s certificate

Players receive the issues that were following Free lodging in an exclusive room and board

Health care insurance

"Pocket Money" – $ 800 per month $ 500 for school through the plan Paid vacation – two weeks Free class Free flight Terms of this system this system Aupair – 12 months’ length. A chance is to extend it for 1 year inside the same household.

In Aupair while in the United States may be only one moment. Employment – 45 hours each week, only 10 hours each day

Result – 1.5 times off a week per month, 2 times off per-week. The productivity may not be same from Sunday and the Saturday

Holidays – two weeks of paid vacation Hotel is possible in-all states of the US, you can not pre-select For effective end of this program it is required: Full orientation class in Nyc Take a class in university and receive 6 credits Attend regular meetings with all the regional manager DoN’t break the circumstances of this program and with the family deal

Invest 12 months in the family Orientation course

All players Aupair should proceed through a teaching and alignment program in Nyc prior to starting the program. Teaching are performed qualified team and by the teachers of Medical care, and theoretical and useful education is included by classes using textbooks etc’s utilization.

Regarding the Author Garet is just a pupil. He’s in traveling interested. He is from the US.